Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yikes! A Haunted Hayride and a "Costume?"

Welcome back to Day 4 of our EEK WEEK introduction to the Bee Hive! We are buzzing around with lots of fun things that we love to do... and that's what this new blog is all about. We'll be sharing tutorials, our HoneyBees will be sharing their favorite projects, and then we'll all have a chance to Buzz and Brag! Be sure to sign up for email updates so you can buzz right around the hive with us! Right now, let's check in with Beth Ullman for a Halloween scrapbook page ...

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Good Morning, popping in to Betty Bee's hive with a little Halloween layout to share with you. I have a scrapbook page I did last week, of my daughter and grandchildren. The pictures were taken at the James River State Park in Va., and we are on a haunted hay ride. It was such fun!

I have had this Halloween paper for years, and I'm not sure who makes it. I used the Cuttlebug spider web folder on the bottom of page, and those cute little spiders and bats are cut and embossed using one of Cuttlebug's combo sets.

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I hope you are going to be scrapping photos of your family and friends as they go and do fun things this year. Please come back and show us! We will have a link below for Show and Tell!!

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OK, this might be a bit deranged, but you have to understand the dynamics ... sort of! First, meet my sweet daughter-in-love, Brianne ~ the dental hygentist, who takes LOTS of X-rays.

Now, let me introduce my newest grandchild... Cletus the Fetus! (Or Jenny-O, the Embryo, since we're not sure, yet!) Do you see the baby waving???

Bri still isn't feeling all that well, and there's a big Halloween party (with some pretty outrageous friends!) this weekend, and she needed a comfy costume. Enter one ready-made skeleton shirt; ADD one Oct. 31st Cricut Cartridge, some white vinyl, and a warped imagination, and VOILA' - Mummy's little monster!!
The project was pretty easy with my Gypsy and the hide contour feature. I was able to cut out hands perfectly suited to create a ribcage, and then one for waving, without cutting out extra bones that I didn't need. It was especially helpful when cutting the big bones for her pants. The original reclining skeleton from the cartridge was trimmed to remove the large end leg bone, leaving it more proportionate for a baby. Add feet, and it's almost cute!
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I'm adding a LINKZ to the bottom of this post. Won't you share what Halloween costumes you are making this year? Post photos to the LINKZ below, or leave comments if you don't have photos.

Happy creating ~
BettyBee and the Honeybees


June Houck said...

Beth, your LO is full of Halloween fun and great texture, but your costume for your d-i-l rocks! Complete with your new grandchild :) Love it!!!

Rosemary said...

Beth, what an awesome layout with the layering and embossing. Love the look on their faces!!..Priceless!!

Betty, that's why I love ya, you are one crazy lady!! just about fell out of my chair with your grandchilded added on the shirt. This certainly will be a hit at the party!

Court said...

Is it bad that I think that costume is TOTALLY cute!?! I love it!

Fantastic layout! I love the spiderweb embossing! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my good golly, fantastic, and that costume? WOWY!!! Soooooo love it!!!