Friday, March 18, 2011

Buzz, Brag, and Bee Happy Friday - March 18th

Happy Friday!  We have some fun things to share this week, and a few Get Well Wishes to pass along, too.   If you were with us on Wednesday, you read about our dear friend, Olga Bales, who is celebrating her 99th birthday today!  Well, here she is!!
At the Cricuteers in Paradise swarm last weekend we had a party to honor Olga.  She is a charming, witty, and talented lady.  Here I am with Olga, and her daughter, Judy Ford.

 This was her birthday cake, with those funny sparkler candles :)
 Our very own Rosemary created a fabulous "Happy Birthday, Olga" banner!  Each section was layered, and embossed with the Cuttlebug.  (Sorry the lighting wasn't better, so you could really enjoy the detail).  Each section is hinged with gem brads, and there are beautiful Prima roses scattered throughout.  Olga's favorite color is pink :) 
Please join us in sending our thoughts and prayers to our Rosemary, as she is in the hospital with pneumonia again. 
Here is Rosemary with Olga.
Olga got a big surprise when the news crew from WINK Television came to the swarm to interview her!  Here we have Anjulie Loan interviewing Olga about her amazing and unselfish efforts in creating thousands of cards for the military serving in war zones.  Olga colors stamped images at least six hours every day, even though she has arthritis, and is in a wheelchair.  She feels sorry for those who are so far from home, and have no access to cards to write to their families and friends.  She and Judy have created literally thousands of cards over the past three years.
 Here is Anjulie with Olga.
She also received the following letter from the Department of the Navy:
Dear Mrs. Bales,
Please allow me to extend my warmest thanks to you for your immense support of our men and women of the Armed Forces.  On behalf of the United States Navy Chaplain Corps, I pray that you know how blessed we are to have your prayers supporting us as we minister to our people in these times of war.  Moreover, your amazing effort in creating cards for our troops to send home to loved ones is a beautiful example of Americans encouraging the military in our nation's struggle to preserve freedom.  Your unwavering spport has brightened many days for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, and your gifts have  helped keep our young people connected to their families and friends at home.  Your ministry has lifted our spirits in a time when they have needed it the most.
Finally, I wish you the warmest of birthdays and I pray that our Heavenly Father may grant you His continuing grace for all the days to come.  Happy 99th birthday to you, and my deepest thanks!
 The ladies of the swarm, except Linda, who was behind the camera :)

 With our Birds and Bees theme, there were lots of little goodies all around, and these friendly flowers were some of them.  Small flower pots, Prima flowers attached with thick glue dots, back to back, and bees "floating" on tiny stems of acetate.  The pots were wrapped with cupcake wrappes from the Life's A Party Cricut cartridge (great cartridge!!)
June Houck
Happy Friday! I am currently in Utah visiting my favorite cousin. This trip is extra special because I have never been to Utah! My Bucket List includes visiting each of the 50 states. I've been to Hawaii (my honeymoon), California, a few mid-western states, and all of the east coast states. I've changed planes in Colorado and Texas, but I don't count those as visits. I want to sight see and enjoy the places I visit before I can check them off. Our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up in June and we are going to Alaska! In 2011 I am visiting two new states, Utah and Alaska :)

What is on your bucket list?
Don't forget about our Wednesday Color Challenge!!  There is a yummy ribbon prize, and you have until next Wednesday to get it posted, or sent to our email, and we will post it for you.

What is your good news this week??  Leave a comment (by clicking on the "comment" word below) or post your photos on the LINKZ button.  Buzz about the news, Brag on what you've made, or just share what makes you happy!!!  And leave some love for Olga!  She'll get it here :o)

Betty did an awesome job sharing Olga's big day and thank you Betty for posting my banner and that special photo of Olga and me.

I wanted to post the link I had posted on facebook of the Olga's video of her interview.   Hope the link works for you.  I am so glad my husband brought my laptop to me!  Not sure how long I will be here and this should help me stay in the loop.  Sure don't want to miss anything!!

Hope you can see sweet Olga 'in person'.


and the HoneyBees


Judy Ford said...

thanks Betty and Roe for bragging about mom. I'm going to add a picture from her 4th birthday party we had here at the park today. She so loves all her cards and the banner you made Roe has been used again. I'm going to put the Olga attached to her bed frame. Thank you all my friends for making this her best birthday ever! You are all awesome!!!!

Rosemary said...

I just checked out your blog and love it!! what a great first post!!So glad my banner came in handy for another party and you can use her name for her bed!! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Holy moses, Olga is my hero. What a phenomenal gal. I'm young and have pretty bad arthritis already in 3 of my knuckles, but I really have no place to complain from here on out! And a letter from the Navy t' boot!

Mel said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Olga. You are a dear to make cards for our troops. God Bless you.

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