Friday, March 25, 2011

Buzz, Brag, and Bee Happy Friday - March 25th

Happy Friday!!  It's time for Buzzing, Bragging, and just Being Happy!!!!
June Houck
Happy Friday! I returned from Utah late Monday night. (Check Utah off my bucket list!) I loved Salt Lake City (where my favorite cousin, Scott, lives.) We also visited my uncle, who lives in Park City, Utah. You can't choose your relatives, but I am soooooooooooo glad I am related to the two most eligible bachelors in America :) Scott took me to several area scrapbook stores and shopped right along with me. I showed him current trends like pennants and dress forms. He started noticing these themes everywhere too. He even purchased some camping-related 12x12 paper and 3D stickers to make some art projects with his 4yo son. He is the coolest dad...and ladies, he's available!


 This is my friend, Donna, and a very special memory box that she created to honor her Mother and her husband, Officer Eddie.
 Donna's Mom saw Eddie sweeping up glass from an accident scene when he was a Rookie Cop, and wrote this little poem for him, and gave him this broom and dust pan to keep in his squad car, so he could keep the city clean.  Donna's Mom has passed on now, and she wanted to make a special shadow box with these things, so we matted the card, added lines to a ribbon to create the street, put glass beads to create our "wreck" and added JoLee's stickers.  She was very happy with her first project!
 Here is our HoneyBee Kristi, resting from a very busy day getting her new house ready to move into!

As I write this, I am very excited to be waiting on the birth of my newest granddaughter at any moment!! I will be flying to Denver on Tuesday to be with them, but she was anxious to be here before I can get there... that's okay.  Her Aunt Tori was able to get a flight out to be there, and will welcome her into the world.  Come on' Momma .... you can do it.... P U S H   just one more time!!!

                                Here she is!  She's smiling already!  Welcome Paisley!!!


**All the best to Wanda, who is with her son and his new bride, as they travel to Atlanta for more wedding festivities.
**Wishing the very best GET WELL thoughts and prayers to our Rosemary, who is still in the hospital.  We sure miss her, and are looking forward to her being back with us soon!!!
**We will be introducing an brand new HoneyBee to you soon !!!

What is making you happy today?  That's what Buzz, Brag and BeeHappy is all about!  Share your pictures, news and exciting things in your life!  Leave comments and posts here in the hive!  Don't forget, we are looking for guest designers, and if you  would like to be a guest HoneyBee, just send us an email, and your idea for a project, and we'll be in touch!

Have a wonderful week!!!


and the HoneyBees


Melissa said...

I for one am very happy it is Friday!!! I have been working on some Disney layouts this week and the three things that make me the happiest are my family, Disney and creating! When I can combine all is perfect!

Have a wonderful weekend Honey Bee's and thank you for always sharing with all of us!


BettyBee said...

Thank you, Melissa! We always love hearing from you, and love seeing your projects!

Katt said...

I am happy to be back in my craft room! Check out my latest creation.

Judy Ford said...

I am happy about Roe getting a little better and soon will be out of the hospital...and new granddaughter for Betty... and a wedding for Wanda... honey bees are so blessed!!! I am happy,too, to show off a copics colored image. Thanks Betty for the great classes. I watch everywhere for how the light plays off things and makes shadows. I also want to brag that I've been making lap quilts for a local nursing home. I'm almost done with #3 and have #4 cut out and will hopefully get it done today. Check out my blog, again thanks to Betty, there are pictures there of one of the lap quilts.
I too am blessed with health, happiness and Florida Sunshine!!!

June Houck said...

Oh, Betty, what an exciting time for your family! I hope your two little granddaughters will be the best of friends like I am with my two cousins, Scott & Erik. Scott and I stayed up every night chatting until 3am (5am east coast time!) The whole visit was surreal. Now I will have to find a way to go to Portland, Oregon to see Erik :)

Great shadow box...kudos to your friend Donna for a fab first project!

Thanks for posting the pic of Kristi; she looks fabulous for someone in the midst of a big move and renovation!

Paisley is beautiful, and already smiling like her lovely grandmother :)

Court said...

LOVING this buzz and brag day! YAY for Betty getting a new grandbaby! LOVE the name Paisley!

June, I am so glad you had so much fun and got to check another one off of your bucket list! :) Portland is kind of close to California..... ;)

Roe, get your bum out of that hospital and back in your studio!

Kristi, I can't WAIT to see pics of the finished craft room!

Wanda, put your dancing shoes on and have such a wonderful time celebrating such a wonderful occasion!

And that shadow box is SO special. I love it! What a fabulous story too!