Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Got my Witch's Broom out...

and chased away those Blogger Gremlins! Sorry about the problems with getting our post up, and being able to add these things to the bottom of Rosemary's creep-ative idea for using up some creepy old cardstock into a Be-Witching BOO banner!
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Now you know I really am totally "Batty", and I've brought you another cute bat idea!! How about a hair clip or pin for your favorite ghoul when she wants to have fun???

Step one is to take a simple bat pattern, and this is the same one I've used on the banner, and my Dollar Store altered headband above. Cut out two layers of felt.

OK, Blogger, you win! This picture is going to be sideways... the Gremlins are still here :o>

This is my Imaginisce I-TOP, and it is an extremely cool tool! It creates custom covered brads, magnets, and even screw on hair clips! Be sure to check out their website... because the I-Rock comes from them, too! Anyway, back to the tutorial.... lay a piece of felt over the brad top, and give it a squeeze, then add the brad base, another squeeze, and you've got it!

Step three was to use the I-Rock heat setting tool to add a couple of spooky eyes to the brad. The gems that I have are pink, but a quick touch with a permanent marker instantly made them red.

(Another TRICK-or-treat from Blogger!) Here is the backside of the bat, with the brad inserted. It pushed through quite easily.

Step four was to add a few hand stitches for accent then use Beacon's 3-in-1 adhesive to glue the back felt to the front. This gives it a little more stability, and covers the brad backing.

Last, but not least, wrap a piece of grosgrain ribbon around the hair clip, so it will hold securely in even the whispiest hair, and glue to the back. Fang-tastic!

How about a couple of legs instead of wings, and a pin back? Super easy, and so Squeamish!

We have some more devilishly delightful ideas for you throughout the week! I am working on the sidebars, LINKZ and other goodies for you, as Wendy is working on the HIVE and the other morsels for the HoneyBees. We thank you for coming to check us out, and hope you will come back often, and invite your friends, too. I'm brewing up a great batch of blog candy for TRICK-or-TREAT, so you don't want to miss it!! I'll be checking to see who has been here, and who has left us a comment or two.... bwahahahahahaha!!!

Happy creating ~
BettyBee and the HoneyBees


Court said...

How cute are these!?! Betty, you knock my little socks off! :) HUGS

Rosemary said...

hahahaha the gremlins..hahahaha..yep, for whatever reason, they love being here with their

Betty, I love what you did!! you are such an enabler; I want the I-Top!!

June Houck said...

Betty, you amaze me with your projects...I'm batty over both of these :)

Blogger is getting in on your Halloween fun too!