Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome to our new WEB site!

You know I couldn't resist the WEB comment with this being

Thanks SO much for being here to join with the HoneyBees and me as we start this fun venture in showing you the things we love to do. This week we will be sharing some great Halloween ideas with you.

Well, have you seen what the best dressed Witches will be sporting this week? I was in a boutique in Nashville, and saw a great sequined and ruffled witch's hat for $40!! Now, we all want to be haute couture, for sure! So, I have re-created this just for you, with a not-so-hefty $2 Walmart hat, and a $2.99 (minus my 40% coupon!) roll of tulle from Michael's! I hope you will want to play along!

This first picture is of my supplies... This was REALLY easy ~ considering I was out of town, and had hardly ANY crafting supplies with me!! Ready?? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!! Here I have my $2 hat (with the gray wig part that came with it tucked up inside!) The roll of tulle, which you will find in the wedding department. One black rose, again from Walmart ($1), and a bottle of Glitter Writer. I had some Zip-Dry glue with me, and a pair of scissors... That's it!

Step one is to run a nice bead of glue right up the back seam of the upright part of the hat. You could use a glue gun, if you were careful. Unroll a few yards of the the netting, and starting at the bottom, wrap around and around, catching in the glue. At the top, tie a simple knot, and tuck the end back down into the spirals, and hide the end. So easy!

I hope you can tell what this photo is, with a little explanation...It is creating a wide ruffle on the brim, by applying a bead of glue near the base of the upper part of the hat, and finger pleating the tulle, and holding it in place until it grabs. It is really easy to do. Keep ruffling all the way around the hat.

The third piece of tulle is a long band, twisted into a "cord" and used to cover the glued down ruffle. Leave a long end, and tie into a nice big bow. Fluff out the ends of the bow. So pretty!

Pull the rose and leaves off of the stem and tuck into the knot area of the bow. Glue securely. Arrange the leaves up and around the area. Feathers would be a really nice touch, too!

Last, but not least, to simulate the sequins, I used the glitter writer to add spots of shimmer to the netting on the upper part of the hat. If I had been at home, I might have gone shopping at my favorite thrift store to find a sequined top or dress to cover the top part of the hat with! Maybe the next one ... this witch could be a Fashionista!!

Don't know about this gray hair! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!

~~~~~ ^-^ ~~~~~

Check out this awesomely totally Creep-tacular BLOG! MEGA*SPOOKY has a whole blog devoted entirely to Halloween!! Meg has some of the most be-WITCH-ing ideas to fright and delight! Most of my Halloween decorations tend to be on the "cuter" side, but her skeleton wreath is one of the most "GOTCHA" pieces I've ever seen!

Drop over, if you dare, for a complete tutorial on putting this charmer together to welcome the ghosts and goblins to your door this weekend!

Until tomorrow, my friends! HoneyBee, June, has some fun projects for you, and I'll be back with another 'batty' idea, or two!

We do hope you will come back often, and we'd appreciate you telling your friends about our new "WEB" site! Hahahaha... We'll get down to real business soon, but, well, this is the real business, because this whole blog is all about doing what we really love to do!

If you have a Halloween project that you'd like to share with us, please watch for LINK to be at the bottom of the post in a day or two.... (we're still setting up house!), but we want to see what you have to share!

Happy Creating ~
BettyBee and the HoneyBees


June Houck said...

Your hat is spooktacular! You amaze me, Queen Bee :)

Rosemary said...

OMG!!!..I just about fell out of my chair when I opened the blog!!..Betty, you look frightfully cute!!..However, nix the gray hair, it's not you..hahahahahaha You did a fabulous job on a budget and it looks expensive!!

BethanyR said...

Where is the sign that says "The Witch Is In?" LOVE the hat! That is a really neat mom and I do that all the then look at the item and say we can make that! LOL

maryps said...

AWESOME witch's hat - LUV it! Thank you for sharing your idea and the tutorial. :D