Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to Betty Bee's Buzz!

Come into the Hive! This new blog is going to be great fun! Since you are here now, you are here for the behind the scenes action! Our web designer is in the creating stages, and lots of fun things are buzzing in preparation for our launch. We are very excited about sharing "The Things We Love To Do" with you! I am so delighted to have a wonderful bunch of friends as my "HoneyBees", and I know you will love them, too! This is going to be a TEACHING and SHARING blog.... with a lot of fun thrown in, because that's just the way we are!! I hope you will share back with us.... because that is what will make it really "Sweet"~ I'm away on a trip right now, but I'll be home in a day or so, and will get our Subscription and Follower Gadgets up and working.... we want all of our friends to be able to join us for all of the fun!
Watch out for EEK WEEK coming SOON!!! There will be Blog CANDY!!! :o)
Happy Creating ~


June Houck said...

I am very excited! Betty Bee, you are utterly fabulous and overflowing with talent and inspiration. I just know this blog will be explosive fun :)

Rosemary said...

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your new and exciting craft blog!! I see so many fun things in store for the Honey Bees and our visitors!!

BettyBee said...

Hi Betty,

I know how beautiful the leaves are in Tn. and Ky.& Ohio too. All along the east coast.... enjoy it doubly for me too.

By the way when are Doug and his beautiful wife's baby due? I'm so happy for them. Please give them my love.

Love you all,


Kathy Files said...

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!! How exciting!!!! Love you GF!!!!

Honey Bee-- OUT!!!!

VickieW♥ said...

Looks like fun!!