Friday, February 25, 2011

Buzz, Brag, and Bee Happy Friday - February 25

Happy Friday! The HoneyBees have been buzzing with delight to be together for crafting, games, and getting to know each other better. We have also been brainstorming ideas for YOU, our readers.


We are opening up our Monday Motivationals to you!  If you have a project or an idea for a challenge, please contact us at: YOU could be a HoneyBee guest designer! Please submit your sample project and in your email subject line type: HONEYBEE GUEST DESIGNER IDEA

Here is a picture of us in our HoneyBee tees designed by our very own Court. We each blinged out our own shirts with Imaginisce gems and the I-Rock.

June Houck

 This week Betty showed us how to etch glass (previous post), June shared very creative post cards, Wanda brought us iris folding bees, and we have another completed project inspired by Roe that we will share with you on Monday.  (We played so hard we didn't even get to Kristi's flower project this time!!) So much imagination and inspiration in one place!  It was 72 hours of continual teaching and sharing...a crafters dream!!!

The hive is alive and buzzing with joy...

Wanda has been promoted to New Product Tutorial Designer with Digital Delights by Louby Loo! Congrats, Wanda :)
Here is her first project! 


Honeybee Courtney Lee excited to say I HAVE MET THE HONEYBEES!

Things I learned about our sweet honeybees:

Queen Bee Betty Bee is so sweet! 
Joon (June) has a laugh that warms my little heart.  
Wanda is an amazing cook! (Thanks again, girl!)
Roe is a crack up! As my husband just said after she dropped us off, "Did she just say 'legit'?" And I said, "Yes, yes she did."
Kristi is just as funny as Roe and you get the two together and then the giggle-fest begins! 
And ALL of them function incredibly on a surprisingly small amount of sleep! 

Beth, I need to meet you girl! 

All in all, I had a FABULOUS time. I tried a bunch of new products that I haven't tried before (these ladies came well stocked in scrapping supplies)!

Thank you SO much to the Honeybees for having this swarm! I had a blast and love you all! 

For all of you out there in blogger land, ask us anything! We're an incredibly honest bunch and would LOVE to help you out with anything/ tell you about ourselves so you can get to know us as well as we now know each other! You are all so dear to us and we spoke of all of your sweet comments! SO here are some BIG hugs we are sending out to you! 

***Don't forget to leave us comments, posts and links to be eligible for our blog candy give away.  All entries for the month of Feb. will be included, and the winner will be announced on March 2nd.

There are a couple of extra goodies out there, so check out the Wednesday challenges!  This week our challenge is to enter any project featuring a BEE.  One in every five will win a special gift that was given to the HoneyBees at the swarm! 

What's going on in your hives? Please leave a comment, link, or email us. We want to hear from you!
Photobucketand the HoneyBees


Rosemary said...

To my HoneyBee sisters I would like to say.."thank you for giving me the best medicine even if it were for just a few 'way too short' days. It was such a treat to meet Courtney and her husband who live the furthest from Florida. How special it was to see June again and though she lives out of state, it is a little closer to us Florida ladies. As for my local HoneyBees, it is always a fun and crazy time and love how we are just a matter of a little drive to bring us all together. As for you, our guests, it is aways a pleasure to hear from you, so join right in and be a part of the hive!!

June Houck said...

I am home safe and sound. I enjoyed some good snuggles with J&K this morning before they left for school. It is nice to be home and back in my "routine", but I had a blast and I miss the HoneyBees already. Crafty friends are the best!!!

Judy Ford said...

I too am thankful for good friends and their healing prayers worked! Jackson is fever free and been discharged from the hospital. They will BEE able to rest much better at home than in the hospital! Thank you my friends for all your healing prayers!

Deanna Cosgrove said...

Wow, I am so incredibly jealous. The thought of being whisked away to craft and eat with fun friends, ahhhh, such is the life. Glad you guys shared all the pics and details of the event so we could at least live vicariously thru you all:)