Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Motivational ~ HoneyBee Week!

Happy Monday!  It's Retreat Week for the HoneyBees!!  Today we are finally getting to meet each other fact to face, and we are buzzing with excitement!  (Except we are sad that HoneyBee Beth couldn't make it, so we are sending plenty of sweet thoughts her way!!) 
Naturally, we couldn't have any other theme this week than BEEs!!! 

So, I am going to share with you one of my favorite Bee embelishments. 

Aren't they cute?
These are "skittles" (so named for SillySkittles, the girl on the Cricut Message Board, who discovered how much fun these little plastic disks are!)  They are from the floral department at Michael's, and they come in lots of different colors.  If you can get them in clear you can color them your choice of color with a permanent marker!  Color them on the BOTTOM!  It shines through the top, and it's really pretty!   You can also use Dew Drops, or any other dome shaped disk.
The easiest way to color them is to make a roll of tape and stick them down, flat side up.
For our little bees, draw on two stripes with a Sharpie.  Very easy! 
I stick them down with Mini-Glue Dots.  They are totally transparent, and don't affect the look at all.
 Stick the bee body to the glue dot, and then transfer to the desired location. 
 Now it's time to add the features :)  Using the Sharpie, draw a little domed head.
 Add a couple of cute little antennae.
 Next I switch to a very fine line marker.  My personal choice is a Copic 0.05 liner. 
 I add a little V-shaped stinger and a little dotted flight trail.
 Add a couple of heart shaped wings, and you have the sweetest little bee!!  This same concept can make adorable lady bugs, caterpillars, and other little buggies. 
Here is my mini album, just waiting for pictures of my HoneyBee friends! 
I hope you will come back on Wednesday and see what the HoneyBees will be sharing with you!   We will open a link so you can come and post your projects with BEES!!


Happy Creating ~



Myrna said...

So cute !! Great tutorial. Thanks

Judy Ford said...

thanks for the tutorial. I had seen these before and forgotten about them. Hope all is going well at your retreat! BEE real glad you are not in Michigan! Severe Ice storm over 20K households without power in Lenawee county alone. Don says there are trees and limbs down everywhere and the roads are nasty. He's there because our grandson jackson (5) was admitted to Toledo children's hospital. Praying all do well and he gets better quickly!

Anonymous said...

Oh my holy goodnight!! Those are fantastic! Can't wait to hear about and see all the Bee-citement!!

BettyBee said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! They mean a lot to us!

Judy, all of the HoneyBees are praying for your little Jackson, as well as those affected by the ice storms in your home area. You are so dear to us, and we are praying for blessings on you and your family.

Betty and the HoneyBees

Deanna Cosgrove said...

Oh, I just love when I see someone alter something in such a creative way---just brillant! TFS.