Friday, April 22, 2011

Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy April 22, 2011

Happy Friday, and welcome to the Hive!!  We hope you have had a great week, and have enjoyed a touch of Christmas with the talented and inspiring girls from Jingle Belles!!  We have had a wonderful time with them, and with YOU!  Thanks to so many new viewers, as well as our regular readers, for participating this week!  Oh, so much inspiration abounds!! 
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The one and only, NOELLE McADAMS (entry #11)!!!
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Betty Brett
Today has been another blessed day in our family, and this is where we have the opportunity to share the things that make us the happiest with you, our friends.  I know you've been following along with the birth of our granddaughters, and tonight our newest little one made her entrance into the world!!  
 Here are our son, Doug, his beautiful wife, Brianne, and their first child, Miss Erin Amanda!  She was born five hours ago, and weighed 7 pounds and 10 ounces.  She and Mommy are doing just beautifully.
Here is one very proud and delighted Daddy introducing his beautiful daughter to one very, very happy Nana!!   We couldn't be any more grateful for our blessings of seven happy, healthy grandchildren, and their wonderful parents.  Praise the Lord!!!

Happy Friday!  Today I am driving back to VA from NC with my dds.  I spent the week with my best girlfriends craft store shopping and making cards for the troops (Operation Write Home.)  I am excited to spend Sunday with my parents and my grandma.  We are planning a little Easter egg hunt in the yard, weather permitting.

Thank you to all of you who were able to leave a comment and/or participate in our cross-pollination challenge with Jingle Belles challenge blog this past week.  I really enjoyed this challenge!  I found lots of inspiration and met some really sweet crafters.


Every Friday at Betty Bee's Buzz it's time for Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy!!!

This Friday I'm bragging. My youngest grandson is going to be starting kindergarten in the fall. He is all excited about getting to ride a bus and everything. I'm so worried about him because like his Grandma Judy, he is so shy and quiet... ROTFLMBO!!! He even knows a couple of the other kids from Squirt Soccer and Tball. That poor teacher! Should I warn her or let her suggest find out for herself?????!!!

Been getting lots of exercise working outside picking up branches! I love my old trees in our yard. Beautiful Boughs stretching out to the sky BUT lots of work after ice storms and high winds! Then will come the fall raking, but in between the beautiful maple leaves shade the deck and back yard as light twinkles thru the leaves!!! True Heaven on Earth!

So what's happening in your section of the blog world? Lots of bee-u-tiful cards linked up at Jingle Belles Rock and Betty Bee's Buzz for our cross-pollinating, and I hope you've already checked them out!
We are wishing our HoneyBee Wanda a speedy recovery.  She hasn't been feeling well at all, and is in need of our prayers for an easier time of it.  I know you will want to join us in sending her Get Well honey...

 We'll see you back here on Monday for our Monday Motivational!  In the meantime, have a very Happy Easter, and take time to count your blessings, and be grateful!  It will make everything seem brighter!

How about leaving a bunch of comments, and let us know what you are happy about!!!  You can leave them in the comment section, or, if there are photos involved, leave them in the links below!  We want to celebrate with you!!!


and the HoneyBees


Judy Ford said...

Congratulations Nana on the newest granddaughter! Lovely pictures!
Safe travels June! Hope you find lots of chocolate in those Easter Eggs!
Wanda sending my get well thoughts and prayers your way!
Now it's raining again and mid Michigan spring!!!

Melissa said...

What wonderful things to be sharing! Especially that beautiful new little grandaughter! How precious!

Ahhhh...I see from the comment above me that Judy must be the Honey Bee that moved to Michigan! I'm in Michigan too Judy and this ever changing spring weather has been causing havoc with me! I should be used to it after 41+ years here! lol

Ros said...

What a beautiful baby!! Congrats ... A beautiful start to the Easter Holiday ... June I hope you have a safe journey and a lovely time with your family ... wishing you all a wonderful Easter

June Houck said...

Welcome, little Erin! Betty, I hope we get to see more pics of the newest addition to you beautiful family.

Judy, Michigan must be quite a shock after being in FL sunshine. Enjoy your time with your little grandson.

Wanda, get better soon, okay Sweetie?

Noelle said...

I'm so excited to be the winner, thanks a million! And what a winner YOU are with that precious new baby in the family. What a wonderful blessing. Congrats! :)