Friday, April 29, 2011

Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy April 29

Happy Friday, one and all. Now, where is my tiara??? I hope you are watching the Royal Wedding this morning! Kate is certainly a beautiful bride, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Now, to more serious things.... we send our very best to all of those who have been affected by the terrible storms that have ravaged the southern United States. Several of the HoneyBees are from South Florida, and we have experienced this kind of devastation, and we understand how awful this is... our prayers are with you.

Now for some BUZZ: When blog hopping the other day, I saw the coolest tip! Remember our twine week a little while back? Mary Anne of Scrappy, Sticky, Inky Mess has come up with a "Do It Yourself" technique for making your own twine, and it's awesome!

Be sure to check it out.... she even has a video!!

Well, before I go, I couldn't resist sharing a new picture of a couple of my little ones... It might not be the best picture of Paisley, but couldn't you just kiss that Porter's face right off!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, and we'll see you right back here on Monday with a fantastic Monday Motivational!

Betty Brett


Happy Friday dear visitors!! I almost bought a new van (2011 Dodge Caravan), but the dealer didn't like my price. Too bad, because it was only $4,000.00 less than what they wanted. No problem, there are other dealers and other vans. For today I thought I would share with you a couple videos from last Saturday. Joe and I went to Sarasota to visit our son Jeff and family. Joe wanted to do an Easter egg hunt for Nina and Ian and then we had Nina hide an egg for Jeff and Ian for his mom, Samantha. Too much fun!! I explained to Ian not to tell mommy where the egg was...Ok,. look at the

Saturday afternoon Nina, Ian, Samantha and I went to the mall to visit Build A Bear. Nina got a leopard and Ian got a puppy. Here is a short video of Ian doing the Build A Bear ritual.


June Houck

Happy Friday! I did get a car this week, but not a van. I have never wanted a van, but I do like my small gold 2000 SUV. Our 1994 blue Honda Accord has broken down 3 Thursdays in a row. I teased dh and reminded him to never drive the Honda on a Thursday from now on. We went looking for a car, and I decided to get the same small SUV (I'm a creature of habit.) My new SUV is a 2008. The dealer wanted me to trade in my 2000 SUV and I said, "No way! I love that car." Now I have two SUVs…my new one has heated seats; love that :) She is silver, so I named her "Silver Queen."


Wow Can't bee-lieve it's Friday Already! My daughter Michelle is here this week visiting from Pennsylvania. We have been busy catching up, eating out and packing her stored stuff to take back to PA on Sunday.

Hope you all have a blessed week! Hug your family! BEE Happy!!!

Judy Ford

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Now, it's your turn! Leave your comments and Links... share your BUZZ, things you'd like to BRAG about, and things you are HAPPY about!!



June Houck said...

Betty, thank you for the link on the twine! Paisley looks like a combo of J&K in their infant pictures. She is gonna be gorgeous just like her big brother.

Roe, I enjoyed your videos of your adorable grandchildren.

Judy, enjoy your dd's visit :)

Rosemary said...

Oh Betty, beautiful babies!!...June, congratulations!!..The only reason I'm going with a mini van is so I can get an inside life for my scooter. Enjoy your ride!!..Judy, how fun!!!