Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Motivational ~ Fabric Painted Projects

Welcome to Monday Motivational here at Betty Bee's Buzz!  In keeping with a great project shared by Court last week, where she showed us darling baby onesies screen printed with a YuDu, we are sharing some new projects this week, printed with a new/old favorite....

Betty Brett

Here is our supply list:
Object(s) to be painted on (pre-washed is best)
Reynolds FREEZER WRAP (Plastic coated paper)
Craft Paint of your choice
Fabric Medium (which is added to the paint to help it become permanent)
Paint brushes or sponges
Die Cutting Machine or Craft Knife for cutting pattern

Here I am using my Cricut to cut out all of my designs at once.  (I used my Gypsy to make the changes that I wanted (adding the "P" to the flower) and placing the items where I wanted them on the paper.)  Note:  The paper is placed on the cutting mat PAPER SIDE DOWN so it sticks to the mat.  The shiny side will not stick!  SO, you have to FLIP your words, so they show up correctly when painted! (Ask me how I know!  Hahaha   Fortunately you get a HUGE roll of paper for only $5.44, so little goofs like that are no problem!)

Here I am adding a few drops of PAINT and the FABRIC MEDIUM together.  Follow the instructrions on your bottle.  Mine called for 2:1 paint to medium.  It was very easy to use, and gave a nice consistency to the paint. 

You IRON the paper to your project with a medium/hot iron, making sure you get a good seal all around the edges.  Now is when you add in extra pieces, such as the inside of letters, and in this photo, the beak. These pieces will act as a mask to prevent the paint from getting on the cloth in these areas.  They iron down just like the outside of the pattern.
Add a piece of FREEZER PAPER inside your shirt, or under the fabric to prevent the paint from bleeding onto the back of the shirt!
Begin painting on the paper, and bring into the design, thus preventing pushing paint up against the edge, and forcing paint under the paper.  This will help the stuck on paper give a smooth edge.

This is after I let it dry for a couple of minutes, and peeled away the pattern.  I placed the original cut out pattern over the peeled away beak so I would have a mask when I painted in the orange color.  Now I am using the tip of the small paintbrush handle that has been dipped in a little puddle of paint/medium mixture, to dot on the eyes.  (They had been cut out of the pattern, but were really too small to be effective.) Dots are very easy to add as eyes or as extra interest anywhere on your design.

Here is our finished chickie from the Easter 2010 Cartridge.

And here is our Super Ba-Bee Model, Paisley, Just Hatched!!

And here is another precious little onesie, sporting a posie for Paisley,
 from the Songbird Cartridge!

And this is a nubby textured towel, done the exact same way. 
 You can use this very easy, and very effective technique on LOTS of different surfaces
 Check back on Wednesday, when I will have another project to share, 
as will the HoneyBees in our Wednesday Showcase! 
In the meantime, I hope you will be thinking about what terrific projects you would like to be bringing your special touch to, with this super fun way of decorating!

Happy creating ~ 



Melissa said...

Just saw this on your personal blog and I'm loving it! She is too precious for words.


Judy Ford said...

Very nice! especially the Paisley part....

Rosemary said...

Betty, your tutorial was perfect!!..Love your creations and of course our little model is just that special touch!!..Can't wait to get started on this challenge!!

June Houck said...

I bought my fabric paints last night, and today I hope to make my project. Thanks for the tut, Miz Bee. I like trying new things. Paisley is stylin' and profilin' :)

Court said...

How fun is this? Great job and miss paisley is precious!

Arlene said...

This is beautiful! I am a new follower and so glad I found you. Would love for you to visit my blog.


MissDinTexas said...

I absolutely love this idea. Your work is lovely. I said we could do this on many kinds of surfaces,does that include paper...??? After all I am a card-maker.Thank you for sharing.

Dianne in SA,Tx