Friday, April 15, 2011

Buzz, Brag, & Bee Happy Friday - April 15th

Happy Friday, and welcome to Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy!  This is the place where you will find out the latest news with the HoneyBees, and have your opportunity to share what is making you happy, too! 
We have a very special announcement today!!!......

On behalf of all the HoneyBees, I want to announce that we are having a joint challenge with Jingle Belles challenge blog! We are buzzing with delight at a chance to cross-pollinate with Lauren and Stef at Jingle Belles. Start creating! The challenge begins now, and you have a chance to win at both blogs. Link your creations at Jingle Belles anytime between now and Wednesday, April 20 by 6pm EST. The Jingle Belles winner will be announced on Thursday, April 21st. For a chance to win here at Betty Bee's Buzz link your creations to our HoneyBee Showcase post on Wednesday, April 20th. Our winner will be announced on Friday, April 23rd; link your card before 6pm EST on Thursday, April 21st.

Here is the challenge:

Create a Christmas card to die (cut) for!

Your card must contain a die cut (Cricut, Pazzles, Silhouette, Sizzix, Stampin Up!, Spellbinders, etc., or a store-bought die cut (BasicGrey, K&Co., etc.) somewhere on your card.

Be sure to come back on Monday, April 18 for our Monday Motivational featuring our guest designer, Lauren Bergold, of Jingle Belles and …all the GOOD blog names were taken…

Meet Lauren:  Lauren lives in New Jersey with the world’s loveliest, most understanding husband and a seriously ridiculous amount of art supplies. she is the co-founder of JINGLE BELLES (with the amazing Stephanie Severin) a weekly Christmas card inspiration blog with the sworn mission of taking back holiday card at a time! she’s also a very proud member of the pixie dust paperie design team (home of the most beautiful papercrafting kits online!) and the limelight papercrafts design team (best card sketches ever!) and will try her hand at pretty much anything messy or crafty!


Hello Honeybees! 

Courtney Lee here sharing some quick and very exciting news! I've been selected for publication in the Cricut Magazine and Cricut Magazine Idea Book. A total of 3 projects were selected and all of them will be coming out in August. I can't tell you how excited I am! 

I'm sure not all of you have been along for the ride, but Betty Bee is the one who first had faith in me. She was running the Cuttlebug Challenges (now Passionately Artistic) while Maggie was exploring new avenues. She contacted me and asked if I would be on their Design Team (on speaker phone with Kristi in the room). That was my very first Design Team and I had only been paper crafting for 6 months and blogging for 3 months at the time. So she took a HUGE risk with this newbee ;). I will forever be grateful! Now here I am surrounded by my DT sisters that helped me along and taught me SO many things along the way. I feel so blessed. 

So that's why I want to emphasize that this exciting news is not just news for me, it's news for all of us. YOU were published, Betty, Wanda, June, Kristi, Beth, Roe and Judy were published too, because my success is our success - it's a hive success and you're all bees too! It's not me and I wouldn't be here writing this to you if Betty didn't take a chance on a newbee. I love you all and thank you for sharing this special event in my life! 


Hello dear visitors!!

I've been a cooking fool these last couple of days. lol  First was Stuffed Cabbage that I've only made a couple of times.  It's one of those things that I could never get to taste like my mother-in-law's and now it is too late to ask her just exactly what she did.  Maybe it was her Polish hands that had the magic touch, but whatever it was, I don't have it.  They came out ok and my husband enjoyed my take on those little piggies, but I told him next time we are in the mood we are going out to eat.  Way too much work!

Then I tried a new recipe that I found in one of those paper inserts in the local paper.  The magazine is called RELISH and every so often has something that catches my attention.  This time it was Zucchini Cakes.  Think crab cake, but made with shredded zucchini.  They were delicious!  Most of the work was shredding the zucchini, but worth the time considering how good they were. I don't mess with mustard, but did use a very little dry mustard.  Also, it said to use mayonaise or plain yogurt and I don't mayo, so the plain (greek) yogurt was another great choice for me. 

Today was Eggplant Parmigiana.  Now, forget the diet and do it with the flavors that satisfies me.  Must be breaded with egg and breadcrumbs (Italian), fried, layered with spaghetti sauce and...I use sharp cheddar cheese!!..Yep, a totally different flavor and oh so yummy!!

Another thing I made today was Chicken Soup.  Ok, so I don't make my own stock, but it was still good!!! I used Swanson light sodium and it was more then enough for flavor.

So, have you cooked anything good lately?


I'm buzzin! Tomorrow I fly back to Michigan for the summer... What is summer in Michigan?? Well if it falls on a Saturday, we have a picnic. LOL. The weatherman says Saturday will be a HIGH of 55 and a low of 34!!! BBBBRRRR!!!! So this week has been packing and sorting and not much creating. I'll get all unpacked and bundled up and then start creating again! I am looking forward to cross-pollinating with the Jingle Belles. They rock! Another hint: Lauren loves glitter, so pile it on, ok??? Tell her a little bee told ya! HAHAHAHA

What's your week been like????

Betty Brett
I'm back home after spending a couple of weeks with my darling family in Denver.  My "brag" today is actually for my daughter's creation that she made for Paisley's room.  Using the style of the Songbird font as a pattern, she hand cut this styrofoam form, and pinned on hundreds of perfectly colored hydrangea blossoms to completely cover it.  It is huge, and makes a beautiful statement on the focus wall in the nursery.
 It took six boxes of pearl headed pins to create this floral beauty! 
 I thought you'd enjoy the presentation of our lunch at a great restaurant called the "Elephant" in Castle Rock.  The atmosphere in this place was just amazing.  There were trunks with travel stickers, giraffe and zebra skin painted ceiling panels, and even life size elephant and giraffe figures in the restaurant.  Great food, too!!
I'm glad to be home, and will be getting back to creating tomorrow, after a fun shopping trip to the Copic store with HoneyBee Judy (before she heads to the north country!) 
Jingle Belles, Jingle Belles, creating all the way.... Oh, what fun it is to share what you made today!
Jingle Belles, Jingle Belles, creating all the way ... Oh, what fun to post your links so everyone can play!!
Share what you are Buzzing with, Bragging about, and what makes you Happy this week!   And don't forget that we have Wednesday's challenge of Freezer Paper designs going on, as well as getting started with our Christmas to Die (cut) For that you will be able to post with Jingle Belles, and here next Wednesday, or send to our email address!  SO much BUZZING going on in the hive!!  Have a wonderful weekend!!


and the HoneyBees


June Houck said...

Betty, I am so happy you are home safe & sound, though I am sure it was difficult to leave those precious grandbabies. I love your Jingle Belles lyrics!

Wahoo, Court! Congrats to you, Sweetie. Well-deserved. I've been a Court Lee fan for nearly a year :)

Roe, you are making my mouth water. That zucchini dish sounds particularly intriguing.

Judy, have fun on your shopping spree with Betty Bee and safe travels home to Michigan.

Rosemary said...

Congratulations, Court!!..Thank you for your sweet words..♥ Judy, have a fun trip home and enjoy unpacking..( Betty, what an awesome 'P' Barbie created! June, our 'cross pollinating' with Jingle Belles is going to be soooo cool!!

Judy Ford said...

Wow everybody great news! Roe my mouth is watering. Betty so glad you got home safe and thanks for going shopping with me! Retail Therapy for Copics soothes the savage packing blues. Courtney congrats on being published! June the cross polinating sounds like it should be a blast! Well gotta pack the computer for it's long journey back to Michigan... Bee on line again in a few days!! Happy Summer! Happy Creating!!!

diana said...

I love you blog, I will be working on the challenge.Would love for you check out my blog.

Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

WoW thank you so much June for inviting me. I love both of the blogs your featured on. I will be joining in very soon. Thank you so much!!!