Friday, November 5, 2010

Buzz, Brag, and Bee Happy Fridays!

It's Friday, and our first ever Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy Day! This is where we get the chance to share a "bit o' honey!" (good news), things we have created, or whatever is making us buzzing with happiness! And we are asking you to join in!! What good news would you like to share? This is how we get to know each other! We do hope you will join in the fun!

Sharing My Son's Wedding!
I am so excited to share with you a few highlights from this gorgeous wedding on October 31, 2010. Included in my photos will be a few things Elizabeth wanted to surprise me with. Yes, she was good at keeping things a secret even from me. First things first. A photo of my handsome son, Joe and beautiful daughter-in-law, Elizabeth.

Here are a few surprises Elizabeth had for her guests and me.

Elizabeth made this fun tag giving each table a name. The parents' table was called 'Mummy'

Elizabeth made the tags for this cute pumpkin, with a tea light inside, for each guest to take home.

Is this a cool cake or what!! Joey and Elizabeth gave the wedding planner a napkin that was to be used for cocktails as an inspiration for the cake. Though they picked out the flavors and cake design, they didn't know what the finished product would look like. Needless to say, it was a big hit!! If you look at Sunday's post, you will see a close up of the super fun wedding topper!

Check out those stocking and gloves! Not only was this a surprise for the guests, but for Joey too!

Yep, Joey had a surprise too. These are the socks he wore with his
Gotta love these kids!!!
It's me, BettyBee, and I am happy to share a fun little card I was privileged to do for Digital Delights new release yesterday. Wendy does such cute images, and she really goes all out for Christmas! I'm also excited because I am teaching my brand new Cricut Expressions class tomorrow, and I have some fun projects prepared for the students, so they will put their Bugs through the paces! This is the second in the Cricut series that I have written. Fun!

It's your turn! What "bit of honey" would you like to share? Photos can be linked to the LINKZ below, and typed replies are in the comment post! Don't forget that we are going to have our great FALL BLOG CANDY give away on November 15th, and all you need to do is leave comments, telling us that you are interested! If you are a follower, we will put your name in the drawing again! We are so happy to see new followers arriving every day! Please keep coming!!!

Hugzzzzz and Happy creating to all ~


June Houck said...

Good morning Roe & Betty! I have been so excited to see Elizabeth's surprises for their spooky wedding. What fun! Her table name idea is terrific and her stockings made me LOL. The cake went perfectly with the cake topper too. The wedding guests will remember this special wedding forever!

Betty, your card is cute as can BEE. Enjoy your cricut class tomorrow; I know your students will be buzzing with excitement!

My good news: I have not gotten to "play" much since school started, but yesterday I was able to play with a card making girlfriend (Vicky) for 90 minutes! We have not been able to get together and play for over 18 months, so we also had a lot of catching up to do over tea & coffee. We managed to cram it in, and we have another play date scheduled (we hope) in 2 weeks. Today is my monthly meeting with the Design Divas (me & a group of 3 card making friends...we named our little group Design Divas). We take turns hostessing on the first Friday of the month and the hostess sets the challenge for the following month. I set the challenge last month as CAS. We meet at 9am today and I still don't have my card complete; but not for lack of trying :) If I get it done, I will share later.


Beth said...

Good morning girls Roe that wedding had to be the most fun with the Halloween theme I have so enjoyed see the post from that special day and OMG that cake just fabulous.

Betty adorable card I love gingerbread people they are just to dang cute.

Well you ask what I have been up to this week I have been trying to find my MOJO which seems to be lost if anyone sees it please send it back, I do have a few projects in the works now I just need to finish them.

Have a wonderful week-end on my way to the basement to see if MOJO is there.

Joan V said...

Oh, I bet the wedding reception was fun. What a wonderful memory to have. I have been busy as a bee (Ha Ha) working on redoing my mother's scrapbook from 1948. She handed it to me this summer. I never new she had this !!!! Imagine my surprise. I have been scrapbooking since 1996 and this is the first I ever knew she had any memorabilia from her earlier days. I am trying to get this done for Thanksgiving so that I can share this with all my siblings. Also, I NEED to get those wonderful candles made for Thanksgiving. Also, I spend a few hours surfing the web for wonderful sites like this. So, put my name in the pot for the prize. I am a follower and have my own blog at Thanks and have a great day.

Windy Hills said...

Hi ladies, I am enjoying reading about all the activities of Betty's Bee's. The wedding pictures are charming, and it is so nice to hear the enthusiasm of June and her Divas. Great job!

Wanda said...

Hello everyone.. My good news is I was able to spend an entire day with my oldest Daughter for her birthday. With her being married with children we don't get to enjoy each other company much anymore. It was a fantastic day! Also I posted a little card I made for the release of Digital Delights. The challenge was stitching. I love to stitch on cards. Soooo I had lots of fun making it! Huggles

lauren said...

what a cool idea to have a day just to publicly share good news or a favorite project! i ♥LOVE♥ this...both sharing mine and seeing other ppl's...and i think it could easily become a friday habit!!! :) thank you! (ps: my link is to an embellished frame i made w/a photo of my bff's kids in it...i am thrilled that it came out almost EXACTLY like it looked in my head!) ♥

2muchpaper said...

I just heard about Betty Bee's blog. Can't wait to see all the weekly postings. Great job ladies!

Kard Queen said...

Our good news is the opportunity to spend Halloween with our precious grandchildren. We went "treating" in the neighborhood then over to friends to see their Halloween-decorated home and for for more "treating." A visit to our own playground and their favorite place to eat was also on the agenda. Happy news day to all!

Anonymous said...

Wowy, that cake is amazing! I'm so loving everything that went together for this Halloween wedding! Hubby and I have been looking at the pictures and somewhat lamenting not waiting in 2002 LOL Love that card, the coloring and the bow and the flowers (oh my) are gorgeous!!!

eyeballthis said...

Hi everyone! The wedding was perfect. Thanks Betty and Roe who posting Joe and I's wedding on this site.

To check out the professional wedding photos heck out: