Monday, November 1, 2010

Our new Blog Face, Motivation, and Blog Candy!

Welcome to the Hive!!! Isn't our new face just a honey? Wendy, with Digital Delights by LoubyLoo, and Delightful Custom Blogs, took this card design of mine, and went to town with it! She could do the same for you!

It's Monday, and it is our very first Monday Motivation!! That means that on Mondays one of our HoneyBees will be posting a tutorial on something that she loves to do! Then on Wednesdays you will see a HoneyBee Showcase of our take on the Monday Motivation, and you will be invited to join in! No time limits, and no stress, just a lot of fun!!

Fridays will be Buzz and Brag days, featuring all Good News! What is happening; who has created something fun; and who has some good news to share! This also include all of you! Let us hear what good things are happening in your hives!!

Monday Motivation - Giving that old Candle a Facelift!!!

For some of you, this technique is not new, but I'm hoping it will remind you how easy this is and what a great gift this would make for any occasion.

Some of you live in parts of the country that when you look at the landscape around you, you see the beautiful colors of reds, golds greens and browns that God has painted. Here in Central Florida, my palms are still green and my summer flowers are still blooming. While driving around, I will see a cluster of trees with shades of yellow and gold, but to get the true fall color palette I must create it myself.

For my project you will need:
Wax Paper
Hair Dryer or Embossing Heat Gun
Rubber bands

When you find the photo you would like to use on your candle, print it using regular white ink jet paper. Trim off excess paper around your photo.

Take your photo and place it where you would like it to be on your candle. Then, take the wax paper and wrap around the candle on top of the photo. Secure the wax paper with a rubber band on top and one towards the bottom. The wax from the paper will melt to infuse your photo to your candle.

With your heat gun (or blow dryer on high), slowly and evenly go over your photo. Keep your tool about 2 inches away and don't stay in one place too long. As the wax melts, you will see your photo get darker (shinier) letting you know that area is done. When you remove the wax paper and you see an area that is not infused, just put a piece of wax paper over it and heat until set.

When I did my candle, I did melt a small section near the tip of the photo. I was not concerned because I knew my embellishments would cover it. For those that know me, they know my saying is 'there are no mistakes'.lol..

You are now ready to add ribbon, flowers or whatever you would like to give your candle that one of a kind look.

I apologize for not having photos showing the steps. After I did my project, it wasn't until bed time that I realized I had forgotten to do something. If you have any questions, please ask and I will be more than happy to help you make a project you will love sharing.

Hear is my finished candle ready to display on my dining room table.

I would like to thank BettyBee for the beautiful fall photo that I used on my candle.


Roe, it was my pleasure providing the picture, because it meant that I had a fabulous trip up through the mountains of Tennessee a couple of weeks ago, and got to enjoy the beautiful leaves in person! OK, crafters, be sure to be here on Wednesday to see the HoneyBee Showcase, and see how the rest of the gals did their candles!


It's time for Sweet Treats! BLOG CANDY!!!! We promised a treat for you tonight.... NO TRICK! We are so delighted to be starting our new Bee Hive, and having all of our friends come over, that we want to offer some goodies to play with. This is a fun fall package, and I've even added a set of the cute little tole painted candy corn. I know you will get them after Halloween, but I hope you'll enjoy them anyway!

HOW TO BE CONSIDERED: It's going to be easy (Like everything else we do!) Just leave us a comment or two, (or ten!) and if you post a project, or become a follower, that would be really nice, too. We'll count them all up, and put them in a bonnet, and draw a winner! We'll choose a winner on Monday night, November 15th (really late, so you can comment on that day's Monday Motivation!!!). Any questions?
PS. Don't forget that we have a link from Thur. for you to post your Halloween Costume photos! We want to see them, and they count toward the blog candy, too!!!
Happy Crafting ~

BettyBee and the HoneyBees


Larisa said...

Nice candy!! Sorry, I am not as well in English as I would like to understand all rules as well to take part in it.. I wish you all the best!
hugs. Larisa. xx

Joan V said...

Thanks for the reminder of how to do candles. I just put that on my "to do" list of projects for Thanksgiving dinner.Love the blog site. So cheery. The blog candy looks yummy. Thanks for a fun blog site. Look forward to every post.

Punta Gorda Stampers - Trish said...

Betty! Roe!! Amazing! This blog is really nice. You have done an amazing job putting it together and the content is awesome.

Marionment said...

Thanks for a wonderful idea. I am on my way to my cabinet looking for old candles that I can give a facelift.

Minta's Creations said...

I'm already a new follower! I Love this idea!!!
Can you still burn the candle with the ribbon and the the embellishments on it?
I would love to win your awesome fun fall package.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Claire said...

Congradulations on your new web site. You as usually are awesome. The candle is so neat and crafty. I shall return offten to see what else your up to.

BettyBee said...

Thanks for the comments! Minta, it depends entirely on the candle if it is okay to burn it. MOST OF ALL BE SAFE!!! My candle is a Home Interiors candle, and I have burned many of them (being a HI displayer for 12 years!) and I know that they do NOT burn the outside surfaces, so mine would be okay to burn for quite a long time, and my paper is below the top row of embellishments.... However, if the candle was made with a lot of lard, which "cheap" candles are, and they burn fast, it might burn the edges, and would not be safe. Sorry I can't be more specific. Either way, please do not leave candles unattended! As pretty as they are, we would not ever want a tragedy in anyone's home. Thanks for a great question!

ILONA said...


thank you for the inspiration...I love candles an I love your projects....I am a follwer...;)

thank you for the chance to win...;)


Kathy H said...