Friday, July 8, 2011

Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy Friday July 8, 2011

Welcome to this Friday's Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy!! Our Queen Bee is buzzing around the country with her favorite 'HONEY' enjoying the sites and visiting family.  Betty will be buzzing back to the hive on Monday when she has internet access.

Happy Friday to y'all!!!! Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!
What a great country we live in, we are truely blessed!Judy Ford

I was surfing over at Provocraft Cricut site and found these adorable explosion box pictures.

She said she made this for a little girl that's afraid to go to school! This is hard for me to imagine since my grandson Jackson is ssssssooooooo excited to go to kindergarten!!!

Her blog is

She has lots and lots of explosion boxes to look at different themes.

Beautiful cards too... unfortunately it is not in English.... but pictures are universal!

So How are things in your neck of the blogosphere?


I thought in keeping with this week being America's own special 4th of July, I am sharing with you a video from Epcot.  I was there last Saturday with my son Jeff and his family along with Nina and Ian's little cousin, Arianna.  Here they are in front of the American Adventure Pavilion.




Court said...

love hearing about you ladies! :)

Rosemary said...

Judy, what a cute explosion box! Looks like a lot of work and love went into it. I'm sure that crafter's granddaughter is going to be excited once she receives it.