Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting a little Punchy Around Here! - Monday Motivational

Hello there! This week's Monday Motivational is "Getting A Little Punchy Around HERE!" .These are a few of my punches on the rack my dh Don built for me!
The rest are in plastic storage boxes! Yep, I'm a punchy junky!! Judy Ford
Today I'm going to show you how to make this medallion using a round punch  and some creative folding, then a bunch of punchy cards!!!
This is called a Dahlia Fold.
Two sided paper or card stock works the best.
I usually cut my paper in appropriate size strips then punch away in front of the TV.
I used 1 3/4" round punch for these medallions.

Now think about paper airplanes like when you were a kid!
Start by folding the circle in half.
The next fold is to bring the two cut edges up to the fold.
Then fold the pie shape in half.

Then open and reverse the folds for half of your airplaneOn a base of your choice make two Xs with your tape runner.
Here I used a 3 1/4 inch blue, that I did double loop punch round the corner...
TIP: punch round the corner - start with the corners!!!
(yep, I only did 3 sides you'll see why on the card)
Then apply 4 of your medallion parts so they're squared off on your base

Then take 4 more and fill in between
the first roundNow that my medallion is complete I added a 3/4" round and some bling!
My bling brad has two seperate arms.
(My Crop-o-dile wouldn't reach the center so I dug out my tried and true hole punch.
It's loud but effective!!!)

With punches you are only limited by your imagination,
or what you can scraplift from your favorite blogsites!

The MS Branch punch is very versatile!!!
Use the negative space for a paper ribbon!
Use your tape runner in a circle and make a wreath Make a solid triangle and you've got a Christmas tree!
The strips I cut into 2"x11" then there's room for an extra punch to pretty up the edge!

Do 1 line across and you have a tree branch to hold your favorite ornament!

TIP: If you are sending cards to soldiers - don't use glitter! It gets on their clothes and bodies and shows up in night vision goggles. Don't put them farther into harm's way!!!
If you use pretty pinks and purples etc.
you can make lovely coral for your under the sea cards!!!
There are the specialty punches
like this Birds on a Wire
when you need a card to drop someone a line...

Punches make good challenges for swarms too!
Here's a card I made at a Betty Bee's Buzz swarm last winter

Betty showed us how to make the punches dimensional!
Then we were challenged to use swarm colors hot pink, black, white
I added the double loop punch paper ribbon and the lacey bottoms!!!
Use your scraps of paper and make paper ribbon with your edge punches.
It can be wide for a bee-utiful ribbon...Medium for an accent ribbon...or 1" and be a delicate ribbon to go with this 1" round punch
to accent your coloring or embellishment!
You can use your punch round the corner punches for buggy boy cards...or bee-utiful girl cards...
Or go loopy for roses and put the square on point like a hanky...
you can use your scraps with the owl punch from Stampin Up...
I used several different colors then mixed and match
them to come up with some cute owls....
wwwwhhhhhooooooo'd a thought.... hahahahaIf you include your Sizzix and Stampin Up die cuts as punches....
Well.... that's another whole Motivational Monday... maybe to die for.... "groan"
So now you go get punchy!!!!

We'll see you Wednesday for HoneyBee Showcase, and
let us see what you can do...
Then link up with us here at Betty Bee's Buzz!
Happy Punching!!!!



janice said...

I've got her with me. Yay BETTY!

Rosemary said...

Judy, what an awesome array of punch cards!!