Friday, July 29, 2011

Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy

Happy Friday!  This is our Buzz, Brag and Bee Happy segment, and will be a glimpse into the things that are happening in the hives of the HoneyBees, Buzz in the Bizz, and today's post will have a BIG announcement!

First:  Congratulations to two of our sweetest bees... June and Court are members of My Pink Stamper's new Design Team!!!  Court is serving her second term, and June is a new member!  We are so very happy for them...

Second: The team will be taking a short summer vacation for the next couple of weeks.  Then , when we come back, we will be having a big party!!!   We look forward to seeing you back here the week of August 15th .....
Honey Bee Judy Ford here!Judy Ford
This is my Grandson Jackson... he's very active this summer....
swim lessons...
Squirts flag football.... What an ARM!!!!Squirts T Ball.... I'm ready... hit it to me!!!!I was fortunate to acquire this beautiful stamp at a Betty Brett Swarm - Stash Sale.I was also blessed to take some Copic Classes from our very own Queen Bee
Betty Brett.

The classes were great! Very informative and IMHO made to bring out the artist
that lies deep within us all!!!

I submitted this card to City Crafter Challenge Blog - Vintage Garden

It's been very hot and dry here in Michigan. Don has been watering and watering to try to save our beautiful flowers! I feel so sorry for the farmers not hardly any rain since the first of June! Hope you all are staying cool and well hydrated!!!


Happy Friday!!! Looks like it's a week of 'grandsons'!! I wanted to post this photo of Ian that my daughter-in-law posted with a cute caption, and I see HoneyBee Judy is sharing her little handsome grandson with us too!!

Here is the caption...No more naps for Ian!! He proudly informed me of his decision...I didn't argue with him....

To me, this is one of those priceless photos that just melts my heart.  I wonder at what point he just decided to 'pass out' on his little Toy Story
Can't wait to see him and Nina again!!
Well, since the focus seems to be "grandsons" so far, I can't resist this one of Porter as he is riding on the train at the Denver Zoo with me.  He was so interested in all of the mechanics of the train that he had no interest in the animals we passed whatsoever!
I have been blessed to see some of the most magnificent sights that I could ever have imagined on this trip!!  This is the Red Canyon Gorge on the Green River, just up from Flaming Gorge Dam in Utah...
just breathtaking!
And,, how could I resist these HoneyBee Hive storage units also found in Utah?!!!
Tonight we had dinner with a real hero... our niece Jennifer, who is serving in the US Army.  She was injured in Iraq last year, has returned to Iraq to finish that tour, and is slated to deploy to Afghanistan in a few months.  We met her in Kansas, and enjoyed a lovely reunion with her. 
We are continuing on with our travels, and hope to get home in another week or ten days!!!

There is much going on in our hives, and we are sure there is in yours, too. 

We hope you are going to be participating in our Christmas in July challenge from Wednesday, and will also share anything that you wish to BUZZ, BRAG, or share what you are BEEING HAPPY about!! 

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June Houck said...

Oh look at this post full of the handsomest little boys, good news, and family. Love it!

Rosemary said...

Congratulations June and Court!!!..How exciting; so proud of both of you!!
Love seeing those grandson photos!! Great travel photos, Betty!

Judy Ford said...

Adorable Grandsons!!! They'll be breaking hearts before we know it!
Congratulations to Courtney and June! How exciting!!!

Betty the pictures are gorgeous!!! How good you got to spend time with your hero!!! God Bless Her!!!

Court said...

AWWW! Thanks for the shout out!!! Lovely pictures from all of you!!! Gorgeous grandkids!!!