Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Motivational ~ Heavy Metal!

Welcome to our Monday Motivational tutorial.  Sorry it is posting a bit late.  I am out of town, and posting from a remote location.  I am excited to bring you a fun project that is easy, versatile, and useful.  I want to thank Monica Weaver from Add A Little Dazzle for her inspiration.
My project is metal covered hand sanitizers!  These are embossed and specially colored. Imagine what themes you could fix these for!!  Watch for the one in the last photo :) Bwahahahah!!

Betty Brett

Start with small hand sanitizers.  I got mine from the dollar store, three in a box.  The metal tape I used is called Aluminum or Flashing Tape (and it's the same I used for my red, white and blue insulated cup video a couple of weeks ago).  It comes from your local home improvement store in a nice BIG roll for about $8.00.
Now, here's the part I learned the REALLY hard way!  The only coloring medium that works on this project is a paint!  Wanna know how I know???  I've tried everything else :)  How does a Copics instructor FORGET that hand sanitizer is a solvent for Copics?  They color this tape beautifully, BUT when you use hand sanitizer, it takes the color off, and onto your hands!  (Same with any alcohol based marker!)  The same would happen with any water based ink... therefore, after lots of experimentation, I have discovered that Elmer's paint markers work very well for this project! They come in lots of plain and pearlized colors.
After coloring the tape, place it in your favorite embossing folder, and run through the embossing machine.
Then use a sanding block to remove the color from the raised image!  The silver really pops!! This is fast and easy.
I remove the labels from the bottles, then peel the backing from the tape, revealing the very sticky adhesive.

 Carefully wrap around the bottle, and you have a great project!  This one would make a great gift for a guy,
or "potion" at Halloween!!
I hope you will be making something from metal tape, a soda can, metal sheets, or some other "Heavy Metal" with us this week!
Happy creating ~


Judy Ford said...

What a great idea!!! would work well for birthday party favors too!! especially for 6 yr old boys!!! thanks for the inspiration and the tips on coloring!!!

Rosemary said...

How perfect the skull would have been for Joey and Elizabeth's wedding!!..Nina thanks you for her bottle!!

June Houck said...

These are gorgeous gifts, Betty! Thanks for the great tips :)